Use Vault to search Google Groups


Vault is for administrators and legal personnel. Vault won't work properly until your G Suite administratorsets up your account. 


Once you create a matter, you can use Vault to search for Google Groups messages. You can also use Vault to search for:

Things to know before you search

Before you search, you should understand the following. For additional information about searching for data, see the Vault Search FAQ.

What types of attachments are indexed?

Compatible text-based attachment file types (for example, files with .pdf, .xslx, and .docx extensions) are indexed for search. However, Vault doesn't index video, audio, image, and binary content.

How does Vault handle large messages and attachments?

Vault indexes and searches approximately the first megabyte of a message and any attachments. If Vault finds a match, it searches the rest of the data and makes it available for preview and export. 

How does Vault handle moderated messages?

Moderated messages are unavailable to Vault until a moderator approves them. Once approved, they are available for search and export just like any other message.

Search for messages in Groups

  1. Create a new matter or click on an existing matter.
  2. Click Search in the left pane, and then click Groups as the type of data to search.
  3. Choose a Source:
    • All data—Search all data in your organization.
    • Held data—Search all data on litigation hold for the matter.
    • Unprocessed data—Search content that we have identified as partially processed.
  4. Enter one or more Groups separated by commas. You can search up to 50 Groups. The search fails if you don't specify at least one Group.
  5. (Optional) Enter a sent date range and choose a time zone.
    • If you enter a start date, Vault returns all messages sent on or after the date you entered.
    • If you enter an end date, Vault returns all messages sent on or before the date you entered.
  6. (Optional) Use Terms to specify one or more search terms. Use search operators for complex searches.
  7. Click one of the following:
    • Search—to perform a search.
    • Count—to display the number of messages found by the search terms you've entered. You can then modify your search criteria to further expand or restrict the results.
    • Export—to skip preview and immediately export the search results.
  8. (Optional) Click the Search down arrow to:
    • Reset—to clear the search form.
    • Duplicate search form—to open another search form under the current form, pre-populated with the information you've already entered.

Preview search results

When you open a message, the thread's entire conversation is displayed. For very long threads, only the most recent 100 messages are included in the preview. You can't preview earlier messages from the thread. However, all messages that match your search criteria are included when you export.

Note: Vault exports only the messages that match your search terms. Go back and modify your search terms if you need to export additional messages from the thread.


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