Use Vault to restore Gmail messages

If a user permanently deletes important data, you may be able to restore it.

Data deleted within the past 25 days

If the data was deleted fewer than 25 days ago, we recommend that you use the Google admin console to restore a user’s Google Drive or Gmail data.

Gmail messages deleted over 25 days ago

If more than 25 days have elapsed, you can use Vault to restore Gmail messages that are covered by a retention rule or a hold.

Note: Currently Vault is unable to restore chats or files deleted from Google Drive.
  1. Export the deleted messages from Vault to an mbox file.
  2. Choose one of these options to import the messages into Gmail:
    • Use a third-party tool to import the mbox file into Gmail.
    • Use a third-party tool to convert the mbox file to PST. You can then import the messages into Gmail using G Suite Migration for Microsoft Exchange.
Google does not provide technical support for configuring third-party products. GOOGLE ACCEPTS NO RESPONSIBILITY FOR THIRD-PARTY PRODUCTS. Please consult the product’s Web site for the latest configuration and support information.
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