Billing for Google Vault

The information in this article applies to customers who signed up for G Suite directly. If you signed up for G Suite through a reseller, contact your reseller to purchase Google Vault. If you’re not sure how you signed up for G Suite, see Are you a direct or resold customer?

Google Vault is available in these ways:

  • G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Business
    G Suite Enterprise is the premium office suite. In addition to everything available in G Suite Business, it includes advanced administrator controls and customization features. G Suite Business is the enhanced office suite. In addition to everything available in G Suite Basic, it includes unlimited Google Drive storage and Google Vault for everyone in your organization, plus additional Drive administration, auditing, and reporting features.

    Note: Google Vault is added automatically to G Suite for Education accounts and available in the Admin console. If you have Hangouts enabled, you will be prompted to accept a Vault-Hangouts amendment upon Admin console login. See Important information for G Suite for Education customers for details about using Vault and Hangouts in your domain.

If you use G Suite Basic with partial-domain licensing and upgrade to G Suite Enterprise or G Suite Business, Vault is automatically available to everyone in your organization, and all users will be subject to your current data retention and deletion policies. See About upgrading to G Suite Business or G Suite Enterprise to ensure you don't accidentally lose data.

  • Add-on to G Suite Basic: This costs an additional $5 per month for each Vault user on a prorated basis. Please note:
    After 30 days of nonpayment, Vault licenses are terminated. As a result, retention rules won't be enforced and affected data will be lost, with no recovery options. Please work with your G Suite administrator to ensure that user licenses stay active.
    • Each user whose data you want to search, hold, export, or preserve in Vault must have a Vault license. Your G Suite administrator can assign Vault licenses automatically to every user in your domain, or to specific users in your domain. Learn more about licensing.
    • If your G Suite administrator deletes a user, all data associated with the user's account is deleted, including the user's Vault archive. If you might still need the user's data, Google recommends suspending the user instead of deleting them. Your organization is billed the same amount for a suspended user as for an active user.
    • Missed payments, invalid credit cards, or similar billing issues can cause your users to lose their Vault licenses.
  • Google Drive Enterprise
    Drive Enterprise includes all Drive features, without the cost of extra G Suite services you don’t need. You get the full power of Drive and G Suite Enterprise administrative controls, but without G Suite services like Gmail, Calendar, Google+, and Meet.
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