Buy Google Vault

Buy Google Vault in these ways:

G Suite Enterprise, G Suite Business, or Google Drive Enterprise

G Suite Enterprise is the premium office suite. In addition to everything available in G Suite Business, it includes advanced administrator controls and customization features.

G Suite Business is the enhanced office suite. In addition to everything available in G Suite Basic, it includes unlimited Google Drive storage and Google Vault for everyone in your organization, plus additional Drive administration, auditing, and reporting features.

Google Drive Enterprise includes all Drive features, without the cost of extra G Suite services you don’t need. You get the full power of Drive and G Suite Enterprise administrative controls, but without G Suite services like Gmail, Calendar, Google+, and Meet.

Add-on to G Suite Basic

G Suite Vault is available with most paid editions of G Suite for an additional $5 per month for each Vault user. Learn more about the different editions of G Suite.

The way you purchase Google Vault depends on what edition of G Suite you use and how you purchased G Suite:

Note: If you're a Postini archiving customer (GMD or A&D), do not purchase Vault. You will be transitioned to Vault.
G Suite Edition To purchase Vault:
Education Google Vault is added automatically to G Suite for Education accounts and available in the Admin console.
Nonprofit (US and Canada only) Complete this form.
Government Contact your account manager
G Suite,
purchased from reseller
Contact your reseller
G Suite,
purchased through Google
Contact your Google account manager or sales representative
G Suite,
purchased online
  1. Sign in to
  2. Click G Suite.
  3. In the top right corner, click the Add services  icon.
  4. Scroll down to find Vault and click Add it now

After you sign up for Vault, follow the steps in the Get started: Vault administrators guide to set it up for your organization.

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