Tag Manager for mobile apps – what's new


Google Tag Manager for mobile apps has been rewritten to be simpler, smaller, and faster. It is now integrated with Firebase. Firebase is Google’s new mobile app platform, which provides end to end development tools and analytics.

Please visit the Google Tag Manager developer documentation to learn more.

Getting started

Implementation of Tag Manager for mobile apps is now done through the Firebase SDK and requires a new container. Google Tag Manager uses Firebase Analytics’ events, params, and user properties as its input.

Visit the Tag Manager developer documentation to learn how to get started with Android and iOS.

What's changed

  • Container type: When creating a new mobile app container in Tag Manager, you will be asked whether you are using Firebase or the legacy SDKs. To get started with the new version of Google Tag Manager for mobile apps, setup a new Firebase container.
  • App configuration & experiments: In addition to tag management, Tag Manager for mobile apps has historically been useful for managing configuration values in your apps and running content experiments. Remote app configuration and A/B testing functionality are now available as part of Firebase. The new version of Tag Manager for mobile apps does not include Value Collection variables nor Content Experiments. To implement this functionality, apps should now use Firebase Remote Config.
  • Ecommerce arrays: Support for ecommerce tags that require arrays of data (e.g. Google Analytics Enhanced Ecommerce) will be available at a later date.
  • Lookup tables: Lookup tables are now supported for mobile containers.
  • New third-party tag templates: Mobile app containers now include third-party vendor tag templates.

Legacy SDK support

Legacy SDKs for Android and iOS are not deprecated at this time, and containers created for the legacy SDKs will continue to support existing functionality. However, to take advantage of the latest mobile advances in Tag Manager, we recommend migrating your production apps to Firebase and Tag Manager for mobile apps.

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