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Content experiments for mobile apps

Content Experiments for mobile apps are DEPRECATED.

Mobile app experiments are now supported via Firebase, Google's mobile app development platform. The older Content Experiments for mobile apps are deprecated in favor of the Firebase A/B testing feature. To use the new A/B testing functionality, ensure that you have added Firebase to your app. We also recommend that you use the latest version of the Google Tag Manager mobile SDKs (Android | iOS) with an associated iOS or Android Firebase container.

Fix references to experiment values:

If you reference values from your experiment variable in other tags or variables in your container, you will want to make sure that the references remain valid. In that case, instead of deleting an experiment variable, change the type from "Google Analytics Content Experiment" to "Value Collection" and assign the original variation of the experiment to it:

  1. In Tag Manager, open your Google Analytics Content Experiment variable configuration.
  2. In Variations, copy the value of the original variation. (e.g. {'key1':'value1'})
  3. In Variable type click the pencil icon to change it and select Value Collection.
  4. In the Value Collection text area, paste in the value you copied from the original variation of your old experiment variable.
  5. Select a trigger, save your variable, and publish your container.

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