Create a manual campaign

Create a Google Ads responsive search ad builder


To create a responsive search ad builder:

  1. In the left navigation panel, click Templates.
  2. Click the Ad builders tab.
  3. Click + New and click Responsive search ad builder to open the editor.
  4. In the editor, enter your settings in each section.

Select ad groups

  1. Enter a name for the ad builder.
  2. Optionally, select the check box to automatically update and publish ads when the Ad builder or dynamic text changes.
  3. Select the ad groups for your Ad builder to create ads under.

Create ad copy

Enter settings for the new ad as described below. Note that headlines, descriptions, and paths support fallback text. The individual assets taken from headline and description are optimized to show the best performing creative, and the fallbacks are used only if the asset generated is too long.

  • Headline: Between 3 and 15 are required, each with a limit of 30 characters. Each headline can have up to 7 fallbacks.
  • Descriptions: Between 2 and 4 are required, each with a limit of 90 characters. Each description can have up to 7 fallbacks.
  • Ad destination URL: The URL that your ad will direct customers to upon clicking your ad.
  • Path and Path 2 (optional): The URL path that will appear in the ad. The path you specify here is combined with the domain name from the ad’s destination URL. This field gives potential customers an idea of where on your site they’ll land after clicking your ad. It doesn’t have to be the exact destination URL where they’ll land. Each path can have up to 7 fallbacks.
  • Ad tracking URL template (optional): The Search Ads 360 URL template for the ad.
  • Final URL suffix (optional): Parameters that are attached to the end of your landing page URL.
  • Custom parameters (optional): Defines parameters and values you can add to the ad's landing page URL or URL template. If custom parameters defined at a higher level use the same name as the ones you define here, the parameter values here override the values from the higher level.


Preview a subset of the ads your Ad builder will generate. The preview window only shows a sample of the first 50 ads that will be created. To download a spreadsheet of up to 500,000 ads your template will generate, click Download.

If you’re satisfied with your Ad builder, click Save to save the draft Ad builder. Note that it can take hours for draft ads to appear.


Ads won’t be automatically generated, used, or appear in campaigns,  until you publish the ad builder and all of the ads. You can also publish a single ad. 

Learn more about publishing ad builders.


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