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About adaptive campaigns

How to enable adaptive options in campaigns

Improve campaign performance by allowing Search Ads 360 to automatically create or adapt location targets and remarketing targets in your Google Ads manual campaigns. In Google Ads and Microsoft Advertising shopping campaigns, Search Ads 360 can also create product groups automatically.

To allow Search Ads 360 to adapt a campaign, set a conversion goal or apply a Search Ads 360 Smart bidding (ROI) bid strategy to the campaign. The conversion goal or bid strategy goal enables you to specify a key performance metric and select the conversions that are important to you. Search Ads 360 will automatically adapt the location and remarketing targets and product groups to optimize performance.

Before Search Ads 360 can adapt a location target or product group, you're required to create at least one of the target type that you want Search Ads 360 to adapt in the campaign. That is, if you want Search Ads 360 to adapt location targets, create one location target. If you want Search Ads 360 to adapt product groups, create at least one product group.

For adaptive remarketing targets, sync Google Ads remarketing lists into Search Ads 360

Engine account Adaptive options
Google Ads
  • Location targets
  • Remarketing targets
  • Product groups
Microsoft Advertising 
  • Product groups


To adapt a location target or product group, Search Ads 360 uses the goal and historical performance data to create a more focused target or product group. An adapted location target may contain one or more geographic areas that perform differently than the larger area. 

For example, if you want Search Ads 360 to adapt location targets, you might target an entire country or a province. Search Ads 360 would then evaluate performance and look for smaller areas with different, but similar performance, to target. In a campaign that targets Canada, Search Ads 360 might create location targets for Ontario and Alberta because the performance of the two provinces is different from the rest of the campaign's performance in Canada. Search Ads 360 can also set or recommend the bid adjustments for adapted location targets, as well as for the location targets that you create. Learn more about adaptive location targets.

Search Ads 360 subdivides or adapts product groups to include products with similar performance.  Learn more about adaptive Shopping campaigns.

In the case of remarketing targets, Search Ads 360 compares the performance of Google Ads remarketing lists with campaign and ad group performance and determines whether creating a remarketing target would improve the campaign's return on investment. Search Ads 360 can set or recommend bid adjustments for ad-group level remarketing targets. Learn more about adaptive remarketing targets.

Receive notifications

If you want, Search Ads 360 will send you, or the people you identify, an email each time it adapts a location target, remarketing target, and product group.

Next steps

  1. Apply a conversion goal or Search Ads 360 bid strategy with a conversions or revenue goal to campaign.
  2. In the campaign settings, select the adaptive options that you want:
  3. Configure any of the following in the campaign:


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