Set up an adaptive shopping campaign

Enable automated subdivision of your product groups

Search Ads 360 can monitor your Merchant Center feed and automatically subdivide product groups by the product ID attribute using criteria that you define in a conversion goal or Search Ads 360 bid strategy. The goal specifies the conversions that are relevant to your shopping campaign and instructs Search Ads 360 to create new groups using one of the following criteria:

  • Create new groups for products that generate similar amounts of revenue
    (along with a similar number of clicks and conversion rate)
  • Create new groups for products that generate a similar number of conversions
    (along with a similar number of clicks)
How bids are set on adapted product groups

A conversion goal uses Floodlight or Google Analytics conversions to set only the initial bid for adapted product groups. You can then manually change the bid for the adapted product group.

A bid strategy uses Floodlight, Google Analytics, or Google Ads conversions to continually adjust bids for adapted product groups.

Learn more about adaptive shopping campaigns.

To create a performance goal and automatically subdivide product groups:

  1. Navigate to the Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising shopping campaign.

    Steps for navigating to a campaign
    1. In the left navigation panel, click All accounts.
      What if the left navigation pane isn't visible?

    2. Click the navigation bar to display navigation options.

    3. In the "Agency" list, click on the agency that contains the advertiser. You can search for an agency by name or scroll through the list.

    4. In the "Advertiser" list, click on the advertiser that contains the engine account.

    5. In the "Account" list, click on the engine account that contains the campaign.
    6. In the "Campaign" list, click on the campaign.

    7. Click Apply or press the Enter key.

    Search Ads 360 displays the campaign page.

  2. Click the campaign settings icon Settings button near the top of the page.

  3. Apply a conversion goal to a Google Ads or Microsoft Advertising campaign or apply a Search Ads 360 bid strategy.

  4. Under Adaptive settings, select the Product groups check box.

  5. To receive email notification when Search Ads 360 subdivides a product group, select Notify me by email when entities are created and enter email addresses.

  6. Click Save.

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