Status column (Custom Floodlight variables)

Indicates if a custom Floodlight variable is being used in Search Ads 360.

A custom Floodlight variable can be in one of these states in Search Ads 360:

  • Inactive: Search Ads 360 has discovered a Floodlight variable in Campaign Manager 360, but the variable is not yet set up for use in Search Ads 360.
  • Not in use: The variable is set up in Search Ads 360 and ready to use in a Floodlight column.
  • In use: The variable is being used in Search Ads 360 either as a dimension or metric in a Floodlight column. Hover over the In use text to see which Floodlight columns are using the variable.
View this column
  1. Navigate to an advertiser.

  2. In the left navigation panel, click Advertiser settings.

    Don't see Advertiser settings? Only Search Ads 360 agency managers or advertiser managers can see Advertiser settings in the left navigation panel. 

  3. Click the Floodlight▼ tab and select Custom Floodlight variables.

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