Welcome to the help center for Search Ads 360, a platform for managing search marketing campaigns.  While the help center is available to the public, access to the Search Ads 360 product is available only to subscribing customers who are signed in. To subscribe or find out more, contact our sales team.

Search Ads 360 overview

Use the Search Ads 360 Commerce Suite to manage campaigns

Consumers frequently search or browse from multiple devices from multiple locations before committing to a purchase. For example, a consumer might start searching for a product at work on a desktop computer, refine the search while using a mobile device, and finally complete a purchase over the phone.

To reach consumers as they move across devices and channels—and to gain insight into the effectiveness of your retail campaigns—the Search Ads 360 Commerce Suite offers a smart, fast, product-centric layer to search management.

This suite of solutions includes tools to help you more efficiently manage search campaigns for your entire product portfolio, allowing you to seamlessly create, optimize, and report on campaigns—and do it all in near-real time. The Search Ads 360 Commerce Suite offers:

  • Support for Google Ads Shopping campaigns, which streamline how you manage and bid on your products, report on the performance of your ads, and find opportunities to grow your traffic from Google.

  • Upgraded inventory campaigns that let you seamlessly connect to your Google Merchant Center account and automatically convert your product catalog into highly relevant and targeted search campaigns.

  • Adaptive Shopping campaigns which automatically group products with similar conversion rates to achieve the best bid-optimization results.

  • Display remarketing from search ads to maximize cross-channel opportunities, using paid search clicks from Search Ads 360 to show consumers display ads across ad exchanges via Display & Video 360, or across the Google Display Network.

  • Real-time bid optimization that drives better results based on up-to-the-minute conversions to make the most of short-lived search trends and seasonality.

  • Offline data integrations through the Search Ads 360 conversions API, to report on and optimize from external data, including call-tracking and in-store transactions.

  • Purchase detail reports that let you see which products in your inventory drive sales when you have a Merchant Center feed connected to your account.

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