Reporting conversions

To measure how the variety of interactions on your website influence the success of your marketing campaigns, the new Search Ads 360 reports on the conversions tracked by Floodlight activities, Google analytics, GA4, and Google Ads conversion actions.

If you've set up Floodlight activities in the previous Search Ads 360 experience, you can view the conversions attributed to items such as client accounts, campaigns, and product groups.

The Google Ads conversion actions that you set up in the previous Search Ads 360 or in Google Adsare also reported in client accounts and attributed to campaigns, ad groups, keywords and other items. 

Where to create conversion trackers

You can create Floodlight activities in the previous Search Ads 360 and the new Search Ads 360 experience.
You can create Google Ads conversion actions in Google Ads or when scoped to a Google Ads client account in the new Search Ads 360.

Learn more about how to create conversion trackers in the previous Search Ads 360 or in Google Ads.

Check the Experience hub to stay up to date on your available features, including bidding.

Conversion reporting columns

The statistics table reports conversions for accounts, campaigns, ad groups, product groups, keywords, and conversion actions in different columns. Some of the conversion reporting columns are included in the table by default. Others, you can add. 

Conversion reporting is based on the click date by default 

Conversions are reported based on the time that a click that led to the conversion occurred. This is referred to as “click-time”, “click-date”, or “click-aligned” reporting. Learn more about reporting differences in the new Search Ads 360.

To report on conversions based on the time that a conversion occurred (referred to as conversion-time reporting), you can add columns that include the “by conv. time” suffix in your reports.

The "All conversions" column

The "All conversions" column, which is abbreviated "All conv.",  includes conversions from all supported conversion sources, including Floodlight, Google Ads, and Google Analytics. The conversions shown for a selected time period are attributed to an item at the selected level such as a campaign, product group, keyword, or conversion action. 

This column is included in your tables by default, and includes cross-device conversions. 

Search Ads 360 includes columns such as "Value/All conv." and "All conv. value/cost" that are based on the "All conversions" column. These columns enable you to understand the value of your conversions with other metrics.

Learn more about the "All conversions" column.

The "Conversions" column

The "Conversions" column reports selected conversions that are used by the automated bidding system and other automation features to optimize your bids and budgets to reach your targets. The “Conversions” column can be overridden to show Floodlight conversion actions that you select when using Google Ads Conversions for automated bidding optimization.

You can add this column to your tables.

Search Ads 360 bid strategies and some bid-strategy related components such as data-sharing, will be available only after your account has been migrated to the new Search Ads 360. Learn more about how to upgrade your bid strategies  to the new Search Ads 360.

Check the Experience hub to stay up to date on your available features, including bidding.

Conversions-related columns 

The new Search Ads 360 includes other columns related to the  "Conversions" column, such as "Cost/conv." and "Conv. rate".

Learn more about the "Conversions" column.

Custom conversions columns for Floodlight, client account, and Google Analytics

Your custom conversions columns (Floodlight, client account, Google Analytics) from the previous Search Ads 360 are included in the “Custom columns” section on the “Modify columns” page in the new Search Ads 360. 

In the new Search Ads 360, the custom conversions columns are owned by a sub-manager account.

The client account conversions column

The "Client account Conversions" column includes selected conversions that are recorded by the client account conversion tracking system. The client account automated bidding system uses these conversions to optimize your bids.

You can add this column to your reports. 

Search Ads 360 includes "Client account conversions"- related columns, such as "Value/Client account conv." and "Client account conv. value/cost".

Segment statistics tables by conversion type

You can segment reports (such as manager account, client account, campaign, ad group, ads and assets, and keyword pages) by different conversion dimensions such as conversion source. Learn more about segmenting.

You can view the performance of each conversion action on the Conversion actions page.

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