How rich media works

Process overview

The rich media campaign workflow involves these steps:

Step 1: Collect site specs

The media agency sets up the media plan, collects site specs, and generates an LCD chart (minimum requirements) for the creative agency.  

Step 2: Kick-off call

The media agency schedules a kick-off call with the creative agency. The teams review timelines and expectations, and answer each others' questions.

Step 3: Build the creative

  1. Creative development: The creative shop or internal creative developers build creative assets and finalize them.
  2. Studio packaging (post-production): The post-production team adds tracking, uploads the finalized assets in Studio and publishes them. (If your creative shop is Studio-certified, they can do this step.)
  3. QA: Your QA partner reviews the creatives in Studio to verify proper functionality and tracking.
  4. Approval: Preview links are delivered to the publisher for approval. On approval, the units are pushed to Campaign Manager 360 Trafficking. 

Step 4: Make an association

The creative agency requests that the media agency make an association with an advertiser in Campaign Manager 360.

Step 5: Trafficking

Once the preview links are approved, the agency publishes creatives to Campaign Manager 360 for trafficking

Step 6 (Optional): Post-launch creative changes

Sometimes after a creative is live, the agency wants to make changes.

Step 7: Reporting

The agency pulls reports and analyzes the creative performance.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is there a way to download or extract files from Studio?
Yes. In the Creatives tab, select your creative. Click the "Download ZIP" button next to the creative name Image of the Download ZIP button next to the creative name in Studio.
What if the media agency is trafficking in an account that isn't enabled for the creative inventory?
To traffic Rich Media creatives, the Campaign Manager 360 account must be enabled for Rich Media. To confirm if this is the case, contact your Google Marketing Platform sales associate.
What are Studio's production timelines?
You can learn everything you need to know at Timelines.
How do I know the association/broken association was successful on both ends (Studio and Campaign Manager 360)?

To confirm that an association was made or broken:

In Studio

Click Creatives, then click Advertisers, then click your advertiser's name. Advertiser associations are listed beneath the account name.

In Campaign Manager 360

Click Advertisers, then click your advertiser's name. The advertiser's Properties page will open. Scroll down to "Associations" and click to expand the section. Completed advertiser associations are listed next to Studio.

If the media agency breaks a Studio client association, what happens?
Previously pushed creatives aren't affected and remain in the Campaign Manager 360 account. The creative shop must link its Studio client to a new Campaign Manager 360 advertiser to push creatives in the future.
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