How rich media works

Post-launch creative changes

If changes are made to an existing creative, and QA and the creative agency approve them, the new creative must be pushed to Campaign Manager 360 Trafficking. If this is the plan, contact your Campaign Manager 360 representative to make sure that Creative Merge is enabled. Otherwise, the functionality won't work.

If you have Creative Merge enabled, you can update and merge the creative while maintaining the settings already assigned by the trafficker. When a new creative is pushed to Campaign Manager 360, and Creative Merge is enabled, an alert message appears alongside the creative name listed in the creative library. This means that the original creative was modified and pushed to Campaign Manager 360, and you must choose whether to keep the original, overwrite it with the newer version, or merge the two.

If you decide to merge them, Campaign Manager 360 automatically determines which properties are different in the Studio and Campaign Manager 360 versions, then resolves any discrepancies by choosing properties from one or the other based on predetermined criteria. For details about this process, see Properties of merged creatives.

To update a creative in Campaign Manager 360: Traffickers can check this article in the Campaign Manager 360 Help Center for guidance.

If you don't have Creative Merge enabled, the media agency must assign the revised unit to the appropriate placements and unassign the old creative. The old creative will not be automatically updated.

In this case, we highly recommend that the creative agency rename the creative with version numbers to avoid duplicate creatives in the same creative inventory, for example, 300x250_V2 or 728x90_V4.

If Creative Merge isn't working for you, make sure the following points are true:
  • The new creative must be uploaded in Studio in the same location as the old creative, keeping the same creative ID.
  • The creative must have a status of Trafficked in Studio.
  • The creative must have an association that links Campaign Manager 360/Google Ad Manager and Studio.
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