Transfer data from an iPhone to a Pixel

You can copy data, like texts, photos, music, contacts, and calendars. When available, you can automatically get the Android versions of many free iPhone apps. Get tips on how to use your phone.

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Step 1: Know what copies to your Pixel

What copies during setup
  • Texts and iMessages
  • Phone and iCloud contacts
  • Phone and iCloud calendars
  • Phone photos and videos (except HEIF photos)
  • Apps
    Many free iPhone apps have Android versions. When available, you can automatically get the Android versions from Google Play during setup.
  • Music
    Most music will transfer. But music with iTunes Digital Rights Management protection won't. (Affected music was usually bought before April 2009.) Music downloaded from Google Play won't, either. (Learn how to download your Google Play music again after setup.)

Important: Contacts and calendars that you copy to your Pixel phone will sync and upload to your Google Account online. Information associated with your Google Account syncs when you sign in to your Google Account on your Pixel phone.

What won't copy during setup
  • App data
  • Paid apps
  • Free apps not matched on Google Play
  • In-app purchases
  • Photos where an original isn’t stored on your iPhone
    When you turn on the Optimize Storage setting, original photos are in iCloud, not on your iPhone.
  • Files and documents stored in iCloud
  • Phone settings, like wallpaper and Wi-Fi passwords
  • Music with iTunes Digital Rights Management protection
  • Music downloaded from Google Play
  • Accounts other than Google Accounts and their data
  • Contacts and calendars synced to services other than Google or iCloud
  • Bookmarks from Safari

Learn how to transfer some of this data after setup.

Step 2: Get ready to copy

  1. Charge both phones.
  2. Find what you'll need. See what comes with your phone.
    • The Quick Switch Adapter.
    • A cable that works with your iPhone, like the one you use to charge.
    • Your SIM card and SIM card insertion tool (unless Google Fi is your mobile carrier and you're using eSIM).
  3. For your iPhone:
    • Turn off iMessage. Learn how.
    • If you've turned on backup encryption for iTunes, turn it off. Learn how.
    • If an organization, like a business or school, manages your iPhone, it can limit your transfer. Learn what you can do.
  4. On your Pixel phone:
    1. Insert your SIM card into your phone. Learn how.
    2. Turn on your phone.
    3. You'll see a Start button. If you don't see "Start," learn how to return to setup.

Step 3: Copy your data

  1. On your Pixel phone:
    1. Tap Start
    2. Connect to a Wi-Fi or mobile network.
    3. Tap Copy your data.
  2. Turn on and unlock your iPhone.
  3. Plug one end of a cable into your iPhone, and the other into the Quick Switch Adapter. Plug the Quick Switch Adapter into your Pixel phone.
  4. On your iPhone, tap Trust.
  5. On your Pixel phone, sign in to your Google Account.
  6. You'll see a list of your data.
    • To copy all your data, tap Copy.
    • To copy only some data, first turn off what you don't want. Then, tap Copy.
    • If you don't want some apps, first tap Apps and turn off those you don't want.
      Note: You can get the Android versions of many iPhone apps. You don't "copy" the iPhone apps.
  7. When the transfer's done, you'll see a summary.

How to transfer contacts and data from an iPhone | Pixel

Troubleshoot copying your data

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