Get started with battery & charging on a Pixel phone

You can manage your battery, extend your battery life, or fix issues with the battery in your Pixel phone.

Manage your Pixel phone battery

Check battery level

You can check how much charge your Pixel phone’s battery has left.

Learn how to check the battery level.

Use battery saver

To save power when your phone's battery gets low, you can set battery saver to turn on automatically. You can also turn on battery saver at any time.

Learn how to use battery saver.

Extend battery life on your Pixel phone

Get the most life from your battery

To help your phone’s battery last longer for the duration of the phone’s life, take care of the battery and reduce battery drain.

Learn how to get more battery life.

Stretch a low battery’s power

To help a dying battery last until you can plug in your phone, you can turn on battery saver. To stretch your remaining battery power, you can also make temporary changes to your settings.

Learn how to stretch a low battery’s power.

Keep adaptive battery & battery optimization on

To have apps use your phone's battery only when you need them to, keep adaptive battery and battery optimization on. These settings are on by default.

Learn how to optimize your battery.

Fix issues with your Pixel phone battery

Fix battery drain problems
If your phone's battery life seems poor or short, a downloaded app could be using too much battery. You can also change settings to help your battery last.
Fix a phone that won’t charge or turn on

If your phone has one of the following problems:

  • Won’t turn on
  • Has a black or blank screen
  • Turns on but immediately turns off

Learn how to fix a Pixel phone that won’t charge or turn on.

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