Upgrade, change, or cancel Pixel Pass

After you make 24 monthly payments, you fully own the phone you got when you signed up. You can then upgrade your phone and continue your subscription. You can also cancel Pixel Pass at any time.

Upgrade your phone

When you’re eligible to upgrade your Pixel phone, you’ll get an email about upgrade options.

  • To check eligibility, sign in to your subscriptions on Google Store or your account on Google Fi.
  • When you upgrade, you choose a new Pixel phone and can trade in your old phone for a credit toward your next one.

If you don’t upgrade your Pixel phone or continue your Pixel Pass subscription after 24 months, you continue to have access to your Google services billed at regular price.

Cancel Pixel Pass

Important: If you cancel Pixel Pass within the standard return period, you get a refund for the most recent Google services charge and can keep your Pixel phone or return it for a refund. Learn more about how to return a purchase from Google Store and Google Fi.

When you cancel Pixel Pass:

  • You're charged for the remaining amount owned on your phone at regular price, which includes the amount you got as a discount by getting your phone as part of Pixel Pass.
  • You lose access to Google services after the current billing cycle.
  • You get a prorated refund for Preferred Care or Device Protection.
  • If you signed up on Google Fi, your plan continues at regular price. Learn how to cancel your Google Fi service

Read the Pixel Pass cancelation policy.

  1. Open the Google Store website.
  2. Sign in to your account.
  3. On the Subscriptions page, click Pixel Pass.
  4. Under “Payment,” click Cancel subscription.
  5. To complete cancelation and find an estimate of what you’ll be charged, follow the cancelation steps.

Cancel or pause Fi service

If you want to pause or cancel your Fi service with Pixel Pass, you can stop your Google Fi service temporarily or cancel your Google Fi service.

Upgrade Google One

If you have a 200 GB Google One plan through Pixel Pass: On the Google One website, you can change to a plan with more storage. Your monthly price is based on the plan you choose and the new price is displayed at checkout.

Change your plan

  1. On your computer, go to one.google.com.
  2. Sign in to your Google Account.
  3. Click Settings Settings and then Change membership plan.
  4. Select an upgrade plan.

If you purchased your Pixel Pass subscription through the Google Store, you can also update your Google One plan on the Google Store.

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