YouTube Non-Profit Programme

Google for Non-Profits members are eligible to participate in the YouTube Non-Profit Program. See below for how to get started.

What you'll need:

  • A Google for Non-Profits account

    Non-profit organisations in countries where Google for Non-Profits is available must be Google for Non-Profits members to qualify for the YouTube Non-Profit Programme. See YouTube Non-Profit Programme availability in other countries here. If you don't have a Google for Non-Profits account yet, sign up for one before proceeding.

  • Your organisation's YouTube channel ID

    You will need to submit your organisation's YouTube channel ID to receive YouTube non-profit features. You can find your channel ID in your YouTube account settings by following the instructions here. If your organisation doesn't already have a YouTube channel, see Create a new channel.

When you're ready to proceed, follow these steps to sign up for the YouTube Non-Profit Programme.
  • Sign in to your Google for Non-Profits account.
    Be sure to sign in using your Google for Non-Profits administrator account. This is the account that you used when you applied for Google for Non-Profits. It may be different than the account you use to access the product in which you're enrolling.
  • Click the 'Sign up now' button.
    2. Click the 'Enrol' button underneath YouTube Non-Profit Programme.
    4. Enter your YouTube Channel ID in the form field.
    6. Click 'Enrol'.

      YouTube Non-Profit Programme upgrade requests are usually processed within 1-3 working days.

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