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    How-To Guide: Google Analytics for nonprofits
    How do donors find your website? How are your email campaigns performing? Google Analytics answers these questions and more. In this How-To Guide, learn how to use this free tool to optimize marketing efforts and measure what matters.
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    Check out the latest Google for Nonprofits newsletter
    In the November 2019 edition, discover the new Google Analytics for nonprofits How-To Guide, three grant opportunities from, and much more. Read the newsletter.
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    How-To Guide: Amplify your nonprofit's message with YouTube
    Learn best practices to organize your channel, produce high quality videos on a budget and reach new supporters with the YouTube Nonprofit program. Use this How-To Guide to reach new audiences and engage your supporters with YouTube. 
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    Thrive DC Community Story
    Founded in 1979, Thrive DC is on a mission to prevent and end homelessness in Washington, D.C. Watch our newest video case study, and discover how they use Google for Nonprofits to get the work done faster and spend more time serving the community.
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    How-To Guide: Manage your volunteers using Google products and tools
    Google’s flexible suite of tools can help you supercharge your volunteering program! Learn how you can use Google for Nonprofits to recruit, engage, and train your volunteers with this How-To Guide.
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    How-To Guide: Coordinate your nonprofit board using Google products and tools
    As an office manager or nonprofit leader, your challenge is to manage nonprofit board operations to get the most out of your board’s guidance and support. This means calendaring board meetings, creating and sharing agendas, reporting on financials, and demonstrating program impact. This How-To Guide will help you manage board operations without it taking over as your day-to-day job!
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    How-To Guide: Be more productive and collaborative using Google products and tools
    Your time is important. Every minute spent searching for email in your inbox or coordinating your next meeting is time away from writing your nonprofit’s next grant or making a difference for the communities or causes you serve. Take a look at this How-To Guide to see how G Suite for Nonprofits is designed to help teams work faster, smarter, and more collaboratively than ever before.
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