About on-site verification [India only]

Note: On-site verifications are only available in the India market. Learn more about self-verification

Based on your assortment size, number of locations and geographic availability, we may offer an on-site verification to verify the inventory accuracy of your feeds. 

A Google representative works with the inventory verification contact listed in your Merchant Center account settings to schedule visits to a small number of your shops. We aim to minimise any impact on shop operations and generally avoid visiting during peak selling days and hours.

During an initial visit, 1–3 Google representatives will:

  1. Introduce themselves to the shop manager upon arrival.
  2. Gather information for a list of products during their one-day visit.
  3. Work independently throughout the day.
  4. Review items that were found to be out of stock with the shop manager.

The team doesn't take pictures of your products, remove products from their locations or interrupt normal shop operations. Typically, the team doesn't need access to your back room or storage areas, unless you indicate that we need to check these areas to get price and availability information for your products.

On-site verification FAQs

Do representatives require stockroom access?

This depends on the layout of your shop. Representatives check that the items listed as in stock in your feeds are available in store and have the same price. If there are items in the stockroom, representatives may ask the shop manager for assistance

How long will the evaluator be in the shop?

Our third-party vendors generally spend 6–8 hours in shops.  The goal is for them to check for as many items on the sales floor as possible in that time frame.  Every shop is different in terms of layout and size. While some shops may require the full eight hours to gather enough data for our teams to analyse, other shops can sometimes need less than six hours.

How many evaluators will be in the shop?

You can expect 1–3 representatives on-site to perform the complete verification depending on the size of your shop's assortment.

Can the amount of evaluation time be limited?

A hard stop time can be requested. However, we request that all inventory verifications have a minimum completion time of four hours.  Verifications that are shorter than four hours may not produce a large enough data sample for a confident evaluation.

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