Manage account links with Shopping partners

If you work with a partner to advertise your products on Shopping ads or sell them on Shopping Actions, that partner may want to let Google know the services they manage on your behalf. They’ll do this by sending you a request to link your account to theirs. When you receive a request, confirm your business relationship with this partner by accepting the request, or decline it if you think it has been sent in error. 

Linking your account will associate your Merchant Center account with the Shopping Partner. This allows us to provide better support services to you and your partner (for example, to assist with merchant integrations). Linking does not give the partner access to your Merchant Center account.

This article explains how to accept and remove links between your Shopping account and a trusted partner.


Follow these steps to manage your links with trusted partners.

  1. Log in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click the three-dot menu, then click Account linking.
  3. Click the Partners tab.
  4. To approve a link, click Accept in the right-hand column. To remove a link, click Remove.

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