About product data alerts

Product data alerts are email notifications you'll receive when something unexpected happens with your product data - such as the number of active items drop significantly for a certain set of products.

This article explains how product data alerts work and how they're triggered.


You can review any issues with your product data In the Diagnostics section of your Merchant Center account, but there might be a considerable lag between the time an error occurs and the time you check back. Product data alerts allows Google to notify you by email as soon as a problem with your eligible products is detected.

How it works

By default, an alert will be triggered if a significant drop in active items is detected for any country code and reporting context combination (for example, US + Shopping ads). The email will explain what has happened and provide you with links to the relevant Diagnostics pages, so that you can instantly check in on your product data.

Note: Any significant drops will cause an alert, even if they might have been intentional.

Other types of product data alerts, such as product protection, are opt-in only and must be turned on before you can begin receiving notifications.

You can opt in or out of these alerts by changing your email preferences. Learn more about email preferences under User access for Merchant Center


Product data alerts are available for the following destinations, regardless of feed type:

  • Shopping ads
  • Local inventory ads
  • Buy on Google
  • Display ads

Note: Multi-client accounts may opt in to product data alerts at the top level account. Sub accounts don't have the option for product data alerts at this time.

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