About your monthly commission invoice

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You'll pay a commission on all products sold through Shopping Actions. Each month, Google will send you a monthly invoice for the total owed commission amount on your orders. The invoices are sent to the email address you provided during payments setup.


The new payment system for Shopping Actions will begin to become available on May 14, 2019. By August 1, 2019, all Shopping Actions merchants are expected to be migrated to the new system. The order reports you see may differ depending on your migration date. Learn more


How it works

The following categories are billed via a monthly manual-invoicing process :

  • Shopping Actions sales commission: This is the commission fee of all sales, including refunds and adjustments in a calendar month. This commission is based off of categories on the Shopping Actions rate card. and includes any applicable commission discounts.
    • Shopping Actions sales commission discounts: Occasionally, Google may offer temporary discounts on commission rates as an onboarding incentive for merchants. For example, if a merchant is usually charged at a 12% rate and a 15% discount is applied to the 12% commission rate, the final rate would be around 10.2%.
  • Shopping Actions shipping commission fee: This is the commission of any shipping fees that are associated with orders. Here, commission rate is an average blended rate of the commission rate for items in the order multiplied by the shipping cost associated with the order.
  • Shopping Actions return shipping fee: This is the fee associated with returned orders to recoup the cost of our return labels. Currently, the cost is $5.50 per return. If there are multiple returns from a single order, it's possible to have multiple $5.50 charges against the same order. Note: Google only bills for return labels when a merchant approves the refund. If you reject a return, Google will not bill you for the shipping fee. In case of refund or partial refunds, commissions on refunded items are returned to the merchant at a blended commission rate calculated at the total order level.
  • Shopping Actions issue-related refund and replacement fee: This amount represents Google provided refunds including but not limited to the following reasons:
    • Package or item missing
    • Incorrect item sent
    • Incorrect price charged
    • Item damaged, defective, or expired
    • Returns

How to pay your invoice

You can find instructions on how to pay at the end of your monthly invoice. The most common payment methods are wire transfer and check.

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