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About the Google Guarantee for Buy on Google


Buy on Google for Search and Shopping will no longer be available starting September 26, 2023. Eligible merchants will be able to use Buy on Google for YouTube in the US. Learn more about Enabling Buy on Google for YouTube.

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The Google Guarantee gives shoppers an assurance that their shopping experience will be of high quality and their purchases protected. If a customer raises a complaint, and you don’t respond to the customer’s request within two business days or if the customer is not satisfied with your resolution, the customer can raise a Google Guarantee claim.


To be eligible for a Google Guarantee claim, the customer’s complaint must meet the following criteria:

  1. The customer reports any of the following:
    • Any items or orders not received: Within 30 days of your estimated delivery date
    • Any issues with a refund amount: Within 30 days after your receipt of the return
    • If the customer got the wrong item or if the item’s condition wasn’t as expected: Within the item’s return policy eligibility duration or 14 days if the item was never returnable. The item may need to be returned to you to be eligible for a full refund.
    • Additionally, for any return refund related inquiries, the return must have been dropped off with the return carrier within 7 days of initiating the return.
  2. The customer must comply with your policies, terms, and conditions.
  3. To be eligible for a refund, Google may require the customer to contact you first and either wait for a response, or 2 business days before requesting a refund.

How it works

Google Guarantee claims are resolved by the following process:

  1. Initiation: A customer can raise a Google Guarantee claim with Google if you do not respond to the customer’s request within two business days, or if the customer is not satisfied with your resolution.
  2. Fact gathering: Once a claim is filed, Google customer support will reach out to your customer support team to understand your decision and gather any evidence needed to resolve the claim (for example, photos of damaged return).
Note: If you are unresponsive for two business days, Google customer support may resolve the claim on your behalf.
  1. Resolution: After reviewing information from both you and the customer, Google customer support will determine whether the claim is covered under Google Guarantee, and ultimately, if the customer wins the claim.
  2. Settlement: If the claim is decided in the favor of the customer, you are obligated under Google's Buy on Google Terms of Service to fund the Google Guarantee claim. This means the lower of:
    • $2,500 per order, including tax and shipping
    • Or, the amount paid at checkout, equal to the original item price plus shipping and tax, minus any refunds already granted.
Note: Google may be compensated by payment processors or other partners for Google’s transaction and support-related costs, including the Google Guarantee. This has no impact on how items are ranked.

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