About the sales feed specification

This feed is only used to implement the optional local feeds partnership program.

The sales feed provides a list of all products sold within a set time period. We recommend updating this feed at least daily. Please upload at least 60 days worth of sales data in your first upload.

Each time you upload the sales feed, product information is updated incrementally. You only need to include items which have been sold since the previous feed update.


Note: In order to implement the local feeds sponsorship program, you're required to upload either an inventory feed or a sales feed. You can also upload both feeds and use them in combination.


Required field Description Type Example
target_customer_id The Merchant ID of the merchant.  Integer 112339909

This can either be the store code listed in the merchant’s Google My Business account or a point of sales (POS)/inventory data provider internal identifier. 

Note: If using an internal store code, provide a mapping to the store address in the store feed.

String ‘465278’

The unique identifier of the item. We recommended that you use product SKU.


  • If the merchant sells the same item new and used, they should have different IDs. 
<= 50 characters

The Global Trade Item Number of the item.
We accept a variety of standards for gtin (including UPC). Learn more about unique product identifiers.

String ‘885787364684’
quantity The number of this item sold and returned in this transaction.


Positive for sold and negative for returned

price The price of the item in local currency. String ‘28.00 USD’

The timestamp of the sale in a specific time zone, as defined by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) 8601 standard. 
Format: yyyy-mm-ddThh:mm:ss+time zone

String ‘2016-05-09T14:08:45+00:00’


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