Set up estimated delivery time

Estimated delivery time is an important information for users evaluating a possible purchase. If you want to show this information in your Shopping ads, you'll need to specify a time in transit for each of your shipping services, and a handling time for each product. 

Transit time

Transit time refers to the time it takes the shipping company to deliver the product to your customer. Transit time is a configuration option in your shipping services, which can be configured in Google Merchant Center.

To add transit time to a shipping service:

  • Select Simple if you want the transit time to apply to the whole country.


  • If you want your transit time to apply to specific areas of the country:
  1. Select Advanced
  2. In the table that appears, enter values for min and max transit time
  3. Use the "Add Destination" button to add destinations (US or Australia only).
  4. Choose an entry from the available list of destinations (destinations can be configured on the delivery zones tab). A new row will appear at the top of the table and the "All locations" row will change to "All other locations".
    • Optional: You can also apply different transit times to product groups that ship from different locations. You can then apply the transit_time_label attribute in your feed.
  5. Enter values for min and max transit time for the new delivery zone.
  6. To remove a row, click Remove link at the end of each row.
  7. Transit time is a mandatory setting for all shipping services. Advanced transit time configuration is available for Australia and the US. You'll need to set up delivery zones for advanced transit time configuration. Learn more about setting up delivery zones

Handling time

Handling time refers to the time it takes you to make an order ready to ship. This includes the time to process the order, send it to the distribution center and the time it takes for your shipping provider company to pick up the shipment.

Handling time can be added in Merchant Center for each shipping service, or added for individual items in the product feed. Handling time is added in the product feed using the max_handling_time, min_handling_time attributes. Learn more about the handling time attribute

To add handling time to a shipping service:

  1. On the Merchant Center homepage, click Shipping, which will take you to your Services page.
  2. Click the shipping service you want to edit, and scroll to “Delivery time.”
  3. For "Handling time in business days," enter the minimum number of days required for processing an order, followed by the maximum number of days possible. Note: If you process items the same day they are ordered, your minimum handling time is considered “0”.
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