Improve eligible inventory

Eligible inventory is inventory that's eligible to show in local inventory ads and free local product listings.

How it works

Google shows local inventory ads and listings for items that meet the requirements below:

  • The shop code corresponds to a published location in your linked Google My Business (GMB) account.
  • The id [ID] corresponds with a product in your local products feed that meets the feed attribute requirements and Shopping ads policies.
  • The inventory item is in stock, or if your account is enabled for this feature, on display to order. To see if your account is enabled for this feature, contact our support team.


When you have more eligible inventory, you can serve local inventory ads and free local listings, giving you more opportunities to drive traffic to your shop. A higher number of approved products can positively influence your performance.

How to improve your eligible inventory

Use these guidelines to improve your eligible inventory:

  • Ensure that all shop codes that you provide in your local products inventory feed correspond to published locations in your linked GMB account. Learn more about matched shops for inventory.
  • Ensure that each unique id [ID] provided in local products inventory feed also exists in your local products feed. Make sure that the product meets feed attribute and policy requirements. Learn more about approved local products.
  • Ensure that the distribution of your inventory availability corresponds to business reality. Learn more about availability for inventory.

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