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This article explains the benefits of promotions and how they work.

Promotions allow you to distribute online offers with Shopping ads as well as free product listings appearing on the Shopping tab in the US (may also appear outside of the US as well). When you add promotions to products that you sell on Google, shoppers see a 'special offer' link (e.g. 15% off, free delivery). This link can increase the appeal of the products that you show and encourage shoppers to buy.

Promotion annotations, which describe your offer details (e.g. £5 off £60+), are now shown on mobile Google image search results. When users click this annotation, a pop-up appears that guides them to the next steps of their purchase.

Note: Cost per click (CPC) rates are not affected by promotions.


  • Boost click-through rate: Use promotions to highlight the products that you show on Google
  • Increase conversions: Give shoppers a reason to buy now
  • Capture multi-screen traffic: Google shows 'special offer' links on desktop and mobile devices

How it works

Promotions are available if you have an active product feed in Google Merchant Center. Once you've successfully activated promotions, you can create a variety of different types. Once a promotion has been created, Google will review it.

Google accepts the following types of promotions:

  • Discounts: Percentage off, cash back, buy one get one free or buy one get second with percentage off
  • Free gifts: Free item or free gift card for a specified value
  • Delivery: Free or discounted delivery

Note: Promotions do not affect rankings on Google.

Google rejects promotions that can't be used by all audiences who could see them, such as promotions offered to a specific group (e.g. first-time customers, members of the military, students). Learn more about promotion types
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