Implementation guide

Step 1: Configure your accounts

This article provides details about how to set up the accounts you need to run Merchant Promotions.

Google needs you to provide specific information about your business and products before we can show your promotions on Shopping ads or on Set up your accounts so you can begin to create and and submit promotions.

If you already have an active products feed in your Merchant Center account, a Google Ads account for your shopping campaigns, and the Merchant Promotions team has approved your interest form, skip to step 2 of this guide. 

Set up Merchant Center

Your product information lives in Google Merchant Center. To set up your account, follow the steps below:

  1. To house your products feed, create a Merchant Center account 
  2. To provide details about your business, set up your Merchant Center account 
  3. To make sure your website meets all requirements, verify and claim your website URL
  4. To tell Google what products you sell online, create a products feed

Note: Once you create a products feed, register your feed and upload your feed to Merchant Center. 

Set up Google Ads

Use your product information to run ads on Google. To set up your Google Ads account, follow the steps below:

  1. To manage ads, set up a Google Ads account
  2. To run Shopping campaigns, link your Google Ads account to Merchant Center 
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