Tips to help your products stay approved

To help ensure that the ads users see are accurate, we need to make sure that the product data that you submit matches what's shown on your landing page. This check will happen regularly to make sure that the most up-to-date information is being advertised.

This article explains some tips for keeping your product data and your landing page in sync.

Help us validate the data on your landing page

Here are some ways to make it easy for Google Merchant Center to validate the data on your landing page:

  • Use structured data markup. You can use structured data  to indicate how elements on your landing page correspond with attributes in the Products Feed Specification. That way we can correctly verify your product data based on the value of those elements. Having structured data also lets you make use of automatic item updates which help keeps your site and feed in sync and avoid your items being disapproved. Learn more
  • Ensure your landing page is available. If your landing page is unavailable when we check it, then your product will be disapproved. If you know your landing page will be unavailable at a certain time, then follow the steps explained in best practices for landing page maintenance or a planned site outage
  • Allow Google crawlers to access your page. We use crawlers to read the data on your landing page. Make sure these crawlers can access your landing page by allowing them in your site's robots.txt file. Learn more about Google crawlers
  • Ensure that you're not restricting your crawl rate. In Google Search Console, you can limit the rate at which Google crawls your site. If you've limited this rate, Google may have trouble crawling your landing page and images. To help ensure that Google can crawl your site, set the Googlebot crawl rate to Let Google optimize for my site. Learn more about how to change the Googlebot crawl rate

Automatically update price and availability

Enable automatic item updates to prevent product disapproval when the price or availability on your landing page doesn't match your product data. With this feature, if we notice that your product data doesn't match your landing page, then your product data will be updated automatically and your ads will show the correct information. Even with this feature enabled, you'll still need to continue to resubmit your product data regularly. Learn more about enabling automatic item updates

Here are some tips to make sure that your landing page is set up correctly:

  • Use structured data. This point was mentioned earlier, but structured data markup is necessary to set up automatic updates because it tells us how the data you submitted corresponds with your price and availability attributes. Learn more about microdata
  • Use valid HTML. We also detect the price that you're displaying based on the structure of your landing page. Using valid HTML helps ensure that we detect the correct price. Keep in mind that even with valid HTML, you must still use microdata to enable automatic item updates. Use the W3C validation service to check your HTML

Keep ads live during big events

If you're releasing a new product, you want to make sure that your product gets approved during or soon after the announcement. Also, during big sales, such as Black Friday in the US, the price and availability of your products might change frequently, sometimes multiple times per day. Make sure that your product data and landing page show the same information to prevent disapprovals.

Here are some tips for managing your product data during these big events:

  • Enable automatic item updates. As discussed earlier, automatic item updates will help you avoid disapproval when the price or availability on your landing page is different than the values you submitted. However, don't use this feature as your main method of updating your product data. These updates only happen when Google crawls your landing page, and you still need to resubmit your product data regularly. Learn more about enabling automatic item updates
  • Ensure that your product identifiers are accurate. Unique product identifiers, especially GTINs, can make your ads richer and easier for users to find. Although your ads may not be disapproved, if you use incorrect identifiers, your ads probably won't show for the right searches. Learn more about unique product identifiers
  • Avoid sudden structural changes to your website. As discussed earlier, we crawl your landing page to gather information such as price and availability. If you perform large scale changes to the structure of your page, you might experience temporary product disapprovals if certain product details can't be verified. Avoid changes such as:
    • Moving the location of price information within the source code of your landing page
    • Using JavaScript or other animations to display prices or price reductions
  • Don't change the ID of a product. If you change the ID of a product, it will be treated like a new product. The product will need to be approved to show in ads again, which could take up to 3 business days. Also, information about how the product performed in the past won't be associated with this new product. Learn more about the id attribute

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