Political content

Our policy

When promoting political content, you need to comply with the following requirements:

  • applicable laws and industry standards for any location that you target
  • any applicable election "silence periods"

Examples of what's allowed in some circumstances

Political content
Allowed Products relating to political organizations, political parties, political issue advocacy or fundraising, and individual candidates and politicians
  • Examples: Requirements vary by country. See below for additional country-specific information.

Additional country-specific requirements below:

  • Canada: During an election period regulated by the Canada Elections Act, Shopping ads and free listings that feature a federal political party, leader of a federal political party, current member of, or candidate (including nomination contestant) for member of the Parliament of Canada are not allowed.
    • Ontario: In Ontario, the following types of Shopping ads are prohibited on Google platforms during a) the 12 months before the writ is issued for a scheduled general election, and b) during an election period as defined by the Ontario Election Finances Act:
      • Shopping ads that feature an Ontario political party, leader of an Ontario political party, or current member or candidate for member of the legislature of the Province of Ontario.
      • Shopping ads that feature an issue with which an Ontario political party, leader of an Ontario political party, or current member or candidate for member of the legislature of the Province of Ontario is associated.
  • Indonesia: Promoting ads and free listings of political candidates or parties is not allowed in Indonesia.
  • India: Political parties, political candidates, or current members of the Lok Sabha or Vidhan Sabha are not allowed to run Product Listing ads and free listings in India.
  • Japan: Promoting products that are part of a political campaign is not allowed in Japan.
  • Philippines: During an election campaign period or a silence period regulated by the Commission on Elections, shopping ads and free listings that promote or oppose any political party or the candidacy of any person or party for public office are not allowed.
  • South Korea: Ads and free listings featuring political candidates or parties for elected offices of South Korea are not allowed.
  • Singapore: Ads and free listings that do any of the following are not allowed in Singapore:
    • Promote the interests of a political party or other group of persons organized in Singapore for political objects;
    • Influence, or to seek to influence, the outcome of an election to the office of President, a general election of Members of Parliament, a by-election of any Member of Parliament, or a referendum;
    • Influence, or to seek to influence, public opinion on a matter which in Singapore is a matter of public interest or public controversy, with key examples being those relating to race or religion; or
    • Bring about, or to seek to bring about, changes of the law in the whole or a part of Singapore, or to otherwise influence, or to seek to influence, the legislative process or outcome in Singapore.
  • Vietnam: Promoting political content, including political candidates and parties, is not allowed in Vietnam.

What you can do

Here's what you can do if your product is disapproved or if your Merchant Center account is impacted:

Political content

Item disapproval

Items that don't comply with this policy may be disapproved. When an item is disapproved, it won't be eligible to serve on Shopping ads. If the item doesn't comply with Shopping ads policies, it should be removed from your product data.

In some instances, you’ll see the option to request a review of an item that has been disapproved for policy violations. If you believe that your item was incorrectly disapproved and would like to request a manual review, click "Why is this item disapproved" from the individual item page in the Products tab to initiate a review. Learn more about item disapprovals for policy violations and requesting a review

Account disapproval

For most violations, we'll send you a warning email detailing the policy violation and give you 7 calendar days to update your product data.

  1. Read the policy above to learn what we don't allow.
  2. Check country-specific requirements. If applicable, you'll find the requirements by country in the policy boundaries above.
  3. Remove the violating items from your product data. You’ll receive an email with details about the violation, including examples from your product data. If you have additional items in your data that violate the same policy but aren't included in the email, you'll need to remove those too.
  4. Update your product data in Merchant Center.
    • If you created a schedule for automatic uploads, update your product data manually or wait for your product data to be automatically updated before requesting a review.
    • Product data that you’ve uploaded as a test won’t go live and isn’t considered during account reviews.
  5. Request a review of your account.
    • If your account is still within the warning period, it will automatically be reviewed again at the end of the warning period. Once the violating items are removed, you don't need to request an account review or take any additional action.
    • If your account is suspended, you’ll need to request an account review.

Most accounts are reviewed within 3 business days, but some can take longer if they need a more complex review. If we find that you've removed the violating items from your product data, we’ll remove the warning, or, in the case of account suspension, we'll approve your account to start running.

To ensure a safe and positive experience for customers, Google requires that retailers comply with all applicable laws and regulations in addition to our policies. It's important that you familiarize yourself with and keep up to date on these requirements for the place where your business operates, as well as any other places your ads are shown. When we find content that violates these requirements, we may block it from appearing. In cases of repeated or egregious violations, we may ban you from promoting Shopping ads content with us.

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