Alcoholic beverages

Our policy

Google restricts the promotion of alcoholic beverages and drinks that resemble alcoholic beverages.

When promoting alcoholic beverages, you may not do any of the following:

  • violate applicable laws and industry standards for any location that you target
  • target individuals below the legal drinking age
  • imply that drinking alcohol can improve social, sexual, professional, intellectual, or athletic standing
  • imply that drinking alcohol provides health or therapeutic benefits
  • portray excessive drinking in a positive light or feature binge or competition drinking
  • show alcohol being consumed in conjunction with the operation of a vehicle of any kind, the operation of machinery, or the performance of any task requiring alertness or dexterity

Refer to the 'google product category' attribute in the feed specification for requirements on how to submit these products to an appropriate audience.

Country-specific requirements

In addition to the requirements above, there may be further restrictions based on your target country. See additional country-specific requirements you must meet below.

Countries Allowed?

Hong Kong
New Zealand
South Africa
United Kingdom
United States

Allowed with limitations
In these countries, Google allows the promotion of alcohol (including hard alcohol, liquor, beer, wine, champagne, and cider) as long as the requirements outlined above are met.

Saudi Arabia
South Korea
United Arab Emirates

Not allowed Not allowed
In these countries, Google doesn't allow the promotion of any alcoholic beverages, including hard alcohol, liquor, beer, wine, champagne, or cider.

What you can do

Here's more detail about each violation and what you can do if your item is disapproved or your Merchant Center account is warned or suspended:

Alcoholic beverages

Item disapproval

Items that don't comply with this policy may be disapproved. When an item is disapproved, it won't be eligible to serve on Shopping ads. If the item doesn’t comply with Shopping ads policies, it should be removed from your product data.

In some instances, you’ll see the option to request a review of an item that's been disapproved for policy violations. Click "Why is this item disapproved" from the individual item page in the Products tab to initiate a review. Learn more about item disapprovals for policy violations and requesting a review

Preemptive item disapproval


For most violations, we’ll send you a warning email detailing the policy violation and give you 7 calendar days to update your product data.

  1. Read the policy above to learn what we don't allow.


  2. Check country-specific requirements. If applicable, you'll find the requirements by country in the policy boundaries above.
  3. Correctly submit restricted-serving products:
    • Refer to the product data specification for specific requirements on how to submit these products using the 'google product category' attribute to ensure products are shown to an appropriate audience.


    • If you received example items from your account but have additional items in your product data that violate the same policy, you'll also need to add the 'google product category' attribute for those items.


  4. Update your product data in Google Merchant Center.


    • If you created a schedule for automatic uploads, update your product data manually or wait for your product data to be automatically updated.
    • Product data that's been uploaded as a test won’t go live.

Once the violation is resolved, items that were preemptively disapproved will return to approved status within 3 business days without any additional work on your part. You don't need to request a manual review. Learn more about preemptive item disapprovals for policy violations

To ensure a safe and positive experience for users, Google requires that advertisers comply with all applicable laws and regulations in addition to Shopping ads policies. It is important that you familiarize yourself with and keep up to date on these requirements for the place where your business operates, as well as any other places Shopping ads are shown. When we find content that violates these requirements, we may block it from appearing, and in cases of repeated or egregious violations, we may ban you from promoting Shopping ads content with us.

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