Automatic item disapprovals due to policy violation

What's the problem?

Some of your items are disapproved due to a policy violation we detected automatically. When an item is disapproved, it won't be eligible to serve in Shopping ads.

Our goal is to provide the best user experience on Google. In order to ensure that the ads we show to online shoppers are safe, secure, and comply with legal requirements, we maintain comprehensive enforcement of the Shopping ads policies for all merchants. We use automated systems to identify items that may violate our policies. These checks are applied to all items submitted from all merchants.

Why should you fix this?

You are responsible for the product data that you submit, including determining if your products comply with our policies. We use automated systems to identify violations and disapprove items, but we might not be able to find all items in violation automatically. You must remove all items from your product data that violate Google Shopping policies. The items we disapprove automatically might only be a subset of all violating items. Any remaining non-compliant items put your account at risk of preemptive item disapprovals or account suspension.

How can you fix this?

The automatically disapproved items can help you to identify patterns (e.g. product categories, brands, keywords) that you can use to remove all violating items from your product data you submit.

In some instances, you’ll see the option in your Merchant Center account to request a manual review of an item that has been disapproved automatically for policy violations. You can use this in cases where you believe items are incorrectly disapproved. Please note that this manual review is only available for select policy violations and is not available for items that have been disapproved preemptively. Learn more about how to request a manual review.

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