Temporary item disapprovals due to incorrect availability

What's the problem?

Some of the items that you provided had an availability in your product data that was different from that on your website. These items have been temporarily disapproved for up to 4 days or until you have updated these items with the correct information. Too many items with incorrect availability can lead to account suspension.

Please note that the availability of the items as part of this disapproval might match the availability on the landing page now, as these items might have been updated in the meantime. However, when we compared your product data to your website in the past (see timestamp), we found a mismatch. Some of these items might already have been approved again. You can find the current approval status of an item in the "Current status" column in the Diagnostics tab or in the Technical Details section of the page for that item in the Products tab.

Why should you fix this?

Users are disappointed if a product on Google Shopping is not available on a merchant's landing page, and out-of-stock items are less likely to provide a good return on your ad spend. We temporarily disapprove items that have an incorrect availability to prevent this poor user experience.

How can you fix this?

One of the most common reasons for incorrect availability is the time difference between updates on your website and updates of your data on Google Shopping. We recommend that you schedule feed uploads or updates via the Content API immediately after the items have been updated on your website. If the availability status of your items changes very frequently, we recommend that you upload the feed more often or consider using the Content API, which allows you to update individual items.

If you are using structured data markup on your website, we use it to extract product information from your landing page. You can learn more by visiting schema.org. Please ensure that the markup on the product landing page is correct and matches what is shown to the user. You can also choose to enable automatic item updates, a feature that reduces the risk of account suspension for availability mismatches and prevents temporary item disapprovals, if you are using schema.org microdata on your site.

Items will show up again on Google Shopping after you've updated the 'availability' attribute with the correct availability status in your feed and resubmitted your product data.

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