About structured data markup for Merchant Center

This article explains how you can use structured data markup to share your product data with Google Merchant Center. Structured data markup is a machine-readable representation of your product data directly on your site. The markup that's added to your HTML helps Google and other search engines understand and process your content reliably. Learn more about setting up structured data for Merchant Center on your site

You can use schema.org structured annotations to allow Google reliably retrieve up-to-date information directly from your website. In Merchant Center, the structured annotations can be used to update your product data and simplify the creation and maintenance of your product feed.

Valid structured markup allows us to read your product data and enable two features:

How structured data markup works

Structured data markup is an annotation system that you can add to your website. Structured data lets Google and other web platforms to automatically read your site and directly pull product data from your HTML. Schema.org is a collection of structured data markup and annotations that are supported and used by major search engines and web platforms, including Google.

To troubleshoot structured data related issues, we recommend using Search Console or the Structured Data Testing tool.

Automatic item updates with structured data markup

Prevent temporary disapprovals due to price and availability mismatched information with automatic item updates. This tool allows Merchant Center to update your items based on the structured data on your website instead of using feed-based product data that may be out-of-date.

Build feeds with structured data markup

If you’ve annotated your website with structured data, the Google Sheets Merchant Center add-on can crawl your website and populate and update supported attributes directly from your website’s product landing pages into the feed.

If you have a Google Sheets-powered feed in your Merchant Center account, you can install the Google Merchant Center add-on and select the Update from website tab within the Google Merchant Center add-onto update your spreadsheet using the markup in your landing pages. You can also validate and submit your data directly from the add-on. Learn more about registering a sheet in Merchant Center

Requirements for structured data markup

  • Structured data markup must be present in the HTML returned from the web server. Structured data markup can’t be generated with Javascript after the page is loaded.
  • Your landing page cannot change based on information about the user, such as if you adapt prices based on a user’s IP address or browser type.
  • Structured data must match the values that are shown to the user. Providing incorrect data on your product landing pages is a violation of our webmaster guidelines.

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