Participation criteria and policies

This article provides details about where Merchant Promotions is available, participation criteria, and program policies.

Use Merchant Promotions to highlight the benefit of purchasing from your store when shoppers decide where to buy. Shoppers are able to see your online promotions on Shopping ads on both mobile and desktop.

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Merchant Promotions is available in the following countries: Australia, France, Germany, India, the UK, Canada, and the US. If you’re interested in participating, complete the Merchant Promotions interest form.

Note: To complete the interest form, you must have a Google Merchant Center account with an active products feed. Learn how to configure your accounts.

Participation criteria

To use Merchant Promotions, your promotions must meet the following criteria:

  • Be redeemable at checkout or by the time of purchase
  • Expire within 6 months (183 days) of the date the promotion starts
  • Comply with Merchant Promotions policies and editorial requirements

You also need to create promotion types that are usable for anyone who shops on Google.

Promotion types allowed

You can use the following promotion types:

Promotion Type Additional information


$ off or % off Discounts must be at least $5 or 5% off
x% off, maximum discount $y n/a
$x off $50+, $y off $100, or $z off $150 Tiered discounts allowed
x% to y% off Floor discounts must be stated (i.e. minimum amount or percent saved)
Buy one get one free or buy one get 2nd x% off n/a
$x cash back or $x cash rebates Must be reflected at cart or checkout
Free gifts Free item Must clearly describe the free gift and item can't be samples or trials
$x gift card on purchase Title must clearly state the gift card value and gift card must be from your own store
Shipping Free or discounted shipping

Must have valid redemption code

Exception: No redemption code necessary when combined with another permissible promotion (e.g. free shipping + 10% off)

Promotion types not allowed

You can't use the following promotion types:

Promotion Type Additional information

Vague discounts

Up to y% off or “as much as x saved” Floor discount must be stated
x% Cash Back or Reward Points Back

Cash back in percent and reward points are not allowed.

Exception: If combined with a permissible promotion

Overly restrictive x% off for first-time customers n/a
All promotions restricted to a subset of shoppers (e.g. military discounts, birthdays, PayPal users, etc.) n/a
Other Discounts must not already be reflected on the product landing page n/a
Shipping discounts without a redemption code and not combined with a permissible promotion n/a
Promotions exceeding a duration of 6 months n/a
More than 500 live promotions at once n/a

Note: You can have up to 500 open promotions at any given time. If you have reached the open promotions limit, Google will not approve additional promotions.


Google’s policies provide important guidance for retailers participating in Merchant Promotions. To make sure you understand the program’s expectations, review the Merchant Promotions Editorial requirements and Program policies. Google disapproves promotions that do not comply with these requirements and policies.

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