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Step 2: Create a promotion

This article provides details about the 2 options you can use to create a promotion.

You must create promotions in order to provide details about offers you want to share with Google shoppers. When you add promotions to products that you sell on Google, shoppers see a “special offer” link (e.g. 15% off, free shipping, etc.)

Option 1: Use the promotions tool

The Promotions tool is located in the Promotions dashboard of your Merchant Center account. It allows you to manually enter individual promotions. Use the Promotions tool if you have a small number of promotions to submit. 

To add promotions manually, follow the steps below:

  1. Log in to your Merchant Center account 
  2. Select Merchant Promotions from the left-hand navigation
  3. Click Promotions 
  4. Click the plus icon 
  5. Enter the promotion details and click Save

The promotion will appear in your dashboard. Follow the steps above for each promotion that you want to submit individually.

Note: To edit a promotion_id, re-submit the promotion_id with the updated information. 

Option 2: Create a promotions feed

The promotions feed is a spreadsheet that contains all of the promotions you use online. Use a Promotions feed if you have a high volume of promotions to submit. 

To get started, do the following:

  1. Create a spreadsheet (e.g. txt file, .xml file, or Google Sheets)
  2. Use the required attributes below to tell us about each of your promotions:
Attribute Tips

The promotion id is case sensitive. If you're mapping a specific promotion to a set of products in your products feed, the promotion id you provide must match in both feeds.


Follow Editorial requirements closely.



For complete details, refer to the Merchant Promotions feed specification.

If you already have promotion feeds for other providers, you can set up rules to transform existing data to match our products feed specification requirements. Learn more about how to set up Feed rules
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