Live display and performance tracking

This article provides answers to common questions about where Google distributes your promotions, how to track promotion performance and when costs apply to live promotions.

Where will my promotions appear?

Your promotions can appear in Shopping ads as well as free product listings appearing on the Shopping tab in the US (may also appear outside of the US as well). The promotion will be shown on products eligible for the promotion and will appear as a clickable annotation that says 'special offer'. On mobile devices, promotions are displayed with more detail, showing the offer amount and benefit type.
Promotion annotations, which describe your offer details (e.g. £5 off £60+), are now shown on mobile Google image search results. When users click this annotation, a pop-up appears that guides them to the next steps of their purchase.
Before submitting promotions to Google, review our editorial requirements, promotions policies and feed specifications.
How do I get my promotion to appear?

You can create a promotion for your products by using the promotion builder within Merchant Center or by uploading a promotions feed. Learn more about creating and submitting promotions

Note: The use of promotions will not affect your ranking on Google.

How do I track my promotion performance?

To get started, learn how to measure your promotion performance.

What URL does Google use when users click on the 'SHOP' button on a promotion?

Shoppers will land on the link [link] attribute value specified in your feed. This location is the same as if they had clicked on the product landing page.

How much does it cost to show promotions?

Promotions do not incur additional costs, though costs per click (CPCs) do still apply. 

Can multiple promotions be mapped to an item? How will they appear on Google?

Up to 10 promotion_ids [promotion_ids] can be mapped to one item in your product feed. Google shows up to five promotions per item. The order that the promotions appear in is organised by product_applicability [product_applicability]. Promotions with SPECIFIC_PRODUCTS [SPECIFIC_PRODUCTS] product_applicability [product_applicability] are prioritised, followed by promotions with ALL_PRODUCTS [ALL_PRODUCTS] product_applicability [product_applicability].

How can I make promotions available on mobile devices?
No additional action is required for your promotions to be displayed on mobile devices. Once your promotion has been approved per policy and SKU guidelines, it will be visible on both desktop and mobile. 
Note: Promotion links on mobile will not appear with a 'special offer' annotation. Instead, mobile promotions will display the actual promotion (e.g. 5% off, min. £25).
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