Seller ratings on Google Shopping

Seller ratings on Google Shopping may be based on one or more of the following sources:

  • Shopping reviews for your store domain, which include reviews from various third-party sources.
  • Google Trusted Stores, a free certification program that can improve your conversion rate and average order size by reassuring potential customers that you offer a great shopping experience.
  • StellaService, an independent company that rates the customer service performance of online businesses.
  • Ratings from Google Consumer Surveys, a market research tool that allows businesses to easily create, run, and analyze the results of surveys across the web. These ratings can also help people make more informed purchasing decisions. Google uses this platform to collect ratings at least once a year for certain domains and businesses. Learn more.

We do not modify existing reviews. We connect users with reviews from seller ratings websites. To provide consistent ratings, we re-scale ratings on a 1-5 scale and filter out reviews that Google considers to be untrustworthy or otherwise questionable.

Ratings for your store may automatically appear without any action required by you, if they are not already present. As we develop this program, we will continue to enhance and refine our ratings. We expect the number of stores rated on Google Shopping to grow as we update this feature.

If you don’t yet have reviews for your store, you can sign up for Google Trusted Stores, a certification program which collects seller ratings for free.

The seller ratings calculation in Google Shopping results

We want our seller ratings to reflect more than just an average of review scores. That's why we also factor in the quality of the reviews themselves, and how representative they are of customers' shopping experience. We're constantly refining how we use those signals to give our users as helpful of an overview as possible.

Troubleshooting store ratings

Below are some common issues that you might encounter with Seller Ratings and Google Shopping.

Incorrect ratings

If you have found ratings you believe to be incorrect, you will need to contact the site which hosts the ratings to resolve the matter. You cannot respond to individual seller reviews on Google Shopping. To respond to a seller review, go to the seller rating website and respond to the seller review. Currently, we do not display merchant responses to seller reviews in Google Shopping results.

If you believe Seller Ratings from a different store are appearing with your products, please make sure that your store name and registered domain in your Merchant Center account is different from the other store on the third party seller rating websites. If this information matches and you are unable to make changes, please contact us to investigate this further.

My seller ratings aren't appearing

Reviews are not added to Google Shopping results in real-time, so you may notice a delay between receiving a new review and its addition to your rating in the Google Shopping results. The same is true when a review is removed from a seller rating website. If you notice your reviews have stopped appearing, please make sure that the store name and registered domain match in your Google Merchant Center account and third party seller rating websites. Learn more about how to update the store name and website URL in the Google Merchant Center account settings.

For Google Shopping star ratings to appear, typically your business needs at least 30 unique seller reviews, each from the past 12 months. However, we may show ratings for merchants with fewer than 30 reviews if we have sufficient data from other sources to determine an accurate rating.

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