Navigate Google Merchant Center

Use Google Merchant Center as a resource to manage feeds, view data and explore programmes for your products. View recent announcements and dashboard data for your account and get a quick rundown of all of your programmes and pending tasks in Overview. See consolidated product feed and data quality information under Products. Manage and explore programmes under Growth and Performance.


Go to the Overview from the left-hand navigation panel to quickly view Merchant Center announcements as well as a summary of your programmes and performance. The Overview page contains cards for each of your programmes with details on programme tasks, feed information and Shopping ads clicks. For more information on your product data, follow the direct links to access data diagnostics and product feeds.


The Products page allows you to manage your feeds, review feed data quality and view a detailed list of your products in a centralised spot. From here, you can quickly access all information and configuration around your product data.

  • Diagnostics: Review and troubleshoot current and historical issues with your product data. Use the context filter for more information on product eligibility in different contexts and programmes.
  • All products: View and manage individual products. You can also add products.
  • Feeds: Create and upload feeds. The Feeds page provides access to various feed-related tools, including feed rules and downloadable error reports.
    • Note: If multiple Google Ads accounts are linked to your Merchant Center account, click data will be aggregated from those accounts. Refer to your linked Google Ads account for full reporting on the performance of your ads.

Pending tasks

At the top of the page, you may see suggestions for next steps. This may include setting up additional programmes or connecting your Merchant Center account to Google Ads. Follow the prompts to grow your account.


Click the Dashboard page to get a snapshot of your Shopping Actions performance, or use the Report Editor to create a customised report of your performance.


The Growth page allows you to explore opportunities for getting more out of Merchant Center. Click Opportunities to see personalised recommendations to improve your business, and explore the full range of programmes by clicking Manage programmes.

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