Store name guidelines

During the account registration process, you'll be prompted to enter a store name for your business. This name will appear next to your listings in Google Shopping results. Once signed in to your Google Merchant Center account, you can change your store name by clicking on the Settings link, then clicking General.

When entering your store name, follow the guidelines outlined below:

  • Enter the name of your store without any additional text. Do not include suffixes like "Inc.," "Co.," or "GmbH."
  • Enter your website address only if it's the only store on that website. If you do this, make sure it matches your actual website domain and don't include "http://".
  • Ensure that you've correctly spelled your store's name.
  • Don't use the following:
    • Promotional text (e.g., phone numbers, marketing messages, sale announcements)
    • Repeated and unnecessary use of punctuation, capitalization, or symbols (e.g., using emoticons, ALL CAPS, emoji)
    • Copyright or trademark symbols
    • Offensive or inappropriate language
  • Note that changes to your store name will go live only after the next re-upload of your data feed.

Additionally, note that Google Shopping truncates store names that are longer than 20 characters.

If your store name contains any errors or doesn't conform to our editorial and professional requirements, you'll receive a notification email from Google Shopping. If you believe that your store name is correctly formatted and that you received this notification in error, contact us.

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