Link does not match your registered domain

This error indicates that you've included a link (URL) in your product data that doesn't match the domain of the URL registered in your account.

Some common reasons why you might see this error:

  • You haven't registered a URL in your account: If you're including links to your website (URLs) in your feed, you must register the website's domain.
  • You've registered a URL, but it doesn't match the links in your file: The links that you include in your product data must match the registered website's domain.

    For example, if you wanted to submit a file with URL:, you would need to register the parent website’s domain: in your account.

    Learn how to change your registered website's URL. To submit feeds for more than one domain, you may request a multi-client account.

    Note: Images that are not hosted on your registered domain can be included using the image_link attribute.

  • Your image URLs aren't being parsed correctly: The image_link attribute supports multiple images, with each URL separated by a comma ( , ). If your image URL contains a comma, the system may misinterpret your images.

    For example, if you submit an image with URL:,1.jpeg, it will be treated as two separate image URLs:

    Image 1:
    Image 2: 1.jpeg

    To fix this issue, place the image URLs that contain commas ( , ) in quoted fields and ensure that your feed is set to use quoted fields.

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