Quoted attributes

Each product in a tab-delimited data feed must appear on a single line without extra tabs or line breaks. If you were to cut and paste product information directly, and this content contained tabs, line breaks, or other formatting, our system would not be able to process this part of your feed. However, if you surrounded this content with quotation marks (such as "product content [tab] product content [line break] product content"), our system would treat everything within the quotation marks as a single attribute. Using quoted attributes can save you from having to retype or reformat existing content you'd like to use.

Please note that if you use quoted attributes, and your content already contains a quotation mark (12" Teflon Frying Pan), you must pair it with a second quotation mark so the system doesn't confuse this quotation with an attribute boundary. For example, instead of "12" Teflon Frying Pan", enter "12"" Teflon Frying Pan".

Quoted fields are automatically enabled for all newly created feeds. If you need to enable quoted attributes in an existing feed:

  1. Sign in to your Merchant Center account.
  2. Click Products in the navigation menu, then click Feeds.
  3. Click the Feed name for which you’d like to enable quoted attributes.
  4. On the page that loads, select the Settings tab.
  5. Scroll to the settings panel and click Feed settings to expand.
  6. Select the checkbox next to “Use quoted fields”.
  7. Click Save.

Important: Attributes that consist of multiple sub-attributes, such as the tax and shipping attributes, should never be enclosed in quotations.

For some attributes, you may include multiple values separated by a comma (,). If the values also contain commas (,), you should place the value containing commas in quotes. For example, for the product_type attribute, you could include all values in quotes, or just the value with commas:

"Home, Garden, and Yard > Outdoor Entertaining > Sofas", "Furniture > Outdoor Furniture > Sofas"


"Home, Garden, and Yard > Outdoor Entertaining > Sofas", Furniture > Outdoor Furniture > Sofas.

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