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Product Ratings eligibility

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Google displays aggregate product reviews compiled from multiple sources on ads and free listings. Participating in the Product Ratings program allows you to become eligible to have aggregated star ratings displayed on your Shopping ads. To become eligible to display Product Rating star ratings on your ads you must share your product reviews with Google.

Note: Aggregate product reviews appear on free listings regardless of participation in the Product Ratings program. Participation in the program may increase the likelihood that reviews are matched to your free listings.

How to participate and gain eligibility

There are 3 ways to participate in the Product Ratings program and gain eligibility to show Product Ratings on your Shopping ads

  • If you work with a supported reviews aggregator, you can have them submit your product reviews to Google for you. View the list of supported reviews aggregators. These feeds are submitted through an integration with Google outside of the Merchant Center.
  • If you don’t work with a supported reviews aggregator, you can sign up for Product Ratings and submit your product reviews through Merchant Center.
  • If you don’t currently collect reviews for the products you sell, you can sign up to collect reviews for free with Google Customer Reviews.

Eligibility requirements

  • If you or an aggregator is submitting your reviews feed:
    • You must have a minimum of 50 reviews across all of your products.
    • Your product review feed must be uploaded at least once a month and must contain updated reviews.
    • The domains in the [product_url] of the review feed must match the registered domain in your Merchant Center account.
    • Your feed must be onboarded into the program. This process can take a few weeks.
  • If you’re collecting product reviews via Google Customer Reviews, you must be actively collecting product reviews on your site via the Google Customer Reviews survey opt-in.

Eligibility status

For merchants submitting product reviews feeds in Merchant Center or collecting product reviews via Google Customer Reviews, your account will display a Product Ratings eligibility status for the Product Ratings program.

If submitting feeds, the eligibility status in Merchant Center will show a status of ‘inactive’ during the onboarding process. After your store is onboarded and active in the program, the status will display as ‘active’.

Note: It can take 4-5 days for the status to update.

For merchants collecting product reviews via Google Customer Reviews, it can take up to 2 weeks for this status to update after you’ve collected your first product reviews through Google Customer Reviews.

For merchants sharing reviews solely through a supported reviews aggregators, your Merchant Center account will not have a section that displays Product Ratings eligibility status. Eligibility can be confirmed by verifying Product Ratings are appearing on your Shopping ads.

Troubleshooting eligibility issues

  • Didn’t complete onboarding
  • Feed errors or feed no longer processing
  • Mismatched domain
  • Eligible, but reviews aren’t matching

Keep in mind

Ratings and reviews are matched to products based on a number of factors, the more important being globally unique product identifiers such as GTINs (Global Trade Item Numbers). Without GTIN data, Google will attempt to match a review through other information such as SKU (Stock Keeping Unit), Brand + MPN (Manufacturer Part Number) pairs, and product URLs. However, these identifiers generally don't offer as good a match as GTINs. Without GTINs, Google may not be able to match all of your reviews to products. Learn more about unique product identifiers.

Reviews and star ratings may not always show. Google will display star ratings when the system determines that the information is accurate and relevant for customers’ needs.

Note: Reviews aren't verified by Google.


Product Ratings can be used in countries where Shopping ads and free product listings are available. To be eligible for displaying star ratings on ads and listings, you must adhere to the Product Ratings policies.

Note: Product Ratings aggregates customer reviews of the products you sell. If you’re interested in displaying customer reviews of your overall business, go through our Store ratings overview.

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