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Set up your return policies (for Shopify users)

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If you’re looking for information about setting up your return policies (for Shopify users) in the Merchant Center Next, click here.

Return policy determines when customers are eligible to initiate return requests and how return fees are applied to your store. To allow customers to request returns, you need to turn on self-serve returns in your Shopify admin page.

This image showcases how return policy attributes are displayed in Merchant Center.

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  • Customer Confidence: Having clear return policies can increase customer confidence in your store. Shoppers are more likely to make purchases when they know they can return items if they are not satisfied. This enhances the overall shopping experience and increases the likelihood of obtaining a “Top Quality Store” badge.
  • Boost product performance: Return policy is a key factor for potential buyers who are making a purchasing decision, and displaying your return policies on your ads and products listings using annotations may help improve the overall performance of your products.
  • Stand apart from your competition: Attract more shoppers and build trust by showcasing free and extended return policies.

Instructions to set up return policies

Free returns can be enabled by updating your return policies to include specific information regarding return cost and return window. You can update your return policy directly in Shopify or in your Merchant center account.

Step 1 of 2: Add your return policy in Shopify

You can either set up return policies in your shopify admin page or create a written return refund policy. Learn how to set up your return rules and return policy in Shopify.

Step 2 of 2: Share your return policies with Google

You can set up returns by creating return policies in your Merchant Center account. Return policies can be associated with all products, with specific groups of products, or even a single product by using the return policy label [return_policy_label] attribute in your product feed.

Steps to set up return rules in Merchant center

  1. In your Merchant Center account, click the tools and settings icon Tools and setting menu icon [Gear].
  2. From the "tools" menu, select Delivery and returns.
  3. Click the Returns tab.
  4. In the box at the top, click Add policy.

Learn how to Set up your return policies for Shopping ads and free listings.

Best practices

  • Return policies are a key deciding factor for shoppers. Offer free returns, free exchanges and longer return windows that can help customers choose your products over others.
  • Providing offers like 30 day returns, 90 day returns or Lifetime guarantee can benefit businesses by boosting customer confidence, increasing sales, fostering loyalty, reducing returns, generating positive reviews, and improving brand reputation.
  • You can create a seasonal override with your specific date ranges to offer an extended return window during the holidays.
  • Indicate return policy exceptions (such as final sales and perishables) by creating an exception policy.

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