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About same-day delivery

This feature allows retailers to indicate which products are eligible for same-day delivery. Eligible products will then display to customers, showcasing their availability for same-day delivery across Google.

Before you begin

  • Make sure that your business provides same-day delivery fulfillment services for eligible products
  • Set up a Google Business Profile for your store locations and link your profile to your Merchant Center account
  • Enable free local listings in Merchant Center to list your products for free on Google
  • Create a local product feed and submit the feed to Merchant Center

How to set up same-day delivery on Google

Shipping settings

  1. Navigate to the “Shipping and returns” settings page in your Merchant Center account.
  2. Select Add shipping service.
  3. Select Same-day delivery.
  4. In the “Service coverage” page, name your shipping service and select which currency the fees are charged in.

Delivery settings

  1. In the “Delivery settings” page, select whether all your products or only certain products are available for same-day delivery.
  2. Decide whether all stores offer same-day delivery or only certain store locations.
    • You can select participating stores by either using the store selector directly in Merchant Center or by adding the same-day delivery label to eligible products in your local product inventory feed via the local shipping label [local_shipping_label] attribute.
  3. Create a same-day delivery label (if applicable).
    • Create a same-day delivery label name. No spaces are allowed in the label name. For example, “same_day_label_1” would be allowed as a label name.
    • If only some of your products at an individual store are available for same-day delivery, then you must use the same-day delivery label name you created and add the label to your local product inventory by using the local shipping label [local_shipping_label] attribute. Once the same-day delivery label is applied, for each eligible product the same-day delivery label will be visible under the “Shipping label” column in Merchant Center.
  4. Select a maximum delivery radius.
    • This is based on each store’s location. You can set your store’s maximum delivery radius in miles or kilometers. A minimum of 2 miles or 3 km is required.
    • If some stores offer same-day delivery with a 5-mile radius and other stores offer same-day delivery with a 10-mile radius, you can create 2 separate same-day delivery shipping services or use the shorter distance to cover all stores.
  5. Select an order cut-off time.
    • This is the specific time or the number of hours before a store closes in which a customer can place an order that will be eligible for same-day delivery. For example, if your stores close at 9 PM and customers must place an order before 5 PM to be eligible for same-day delivery, then the order cut-off time would be 5 PM or 4 hours.
    • The closing time for each store is based on data provided in your Google Business Profile. The cut-off time, if set with the number of hours, is based on each individual store’s closing time, so each store with a different closing time would have a different order cutoff time. Otherwise, the cut-off time is based on the specific time you manually set.
    • You can also indicate if your same-day delivery items are available for next-day delivery when orders for these items are placed after the cut-off time.
  6. Provide a minimum order value required for orders to be eligible for same-day delivery. If there is no order minimum, leave this value as $0.00.


A local business has 3 stores. All of these stores sell the same product. Store 1 offers same-day delivery for free, store 2 offers same-day delivery for $9.99, and store 3 doesn’t offer same-day delivery.

The retailer will use the local shipping label [local_shipping_label] attribute in their local product inventory feed to assign store 1 and store 2 products to the accurate account-level same-day shipping setting. However, the retailer will leave the local shipping label attribute field blank for store 3 products since those aren’t eligible.

This can also be done directly in Merchant Center via the store selector in the same-day delivery settings set up flow.

Shipping cost

  1. In the “Shipping cost” page, select the shipping cost you charge your customers for same-day delivery services. Options include:
    • Free shipping over a certain amount
    • Free shipping on all orders
    • Range based pricing based on the total value of the order
    • Flat fee for all orders
  2. Click Save.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I set up same-day delivery via Content API?

You may use Content API for Shopping to configure products for same-day delivery if you have local inventory. Learn about shipping settings in Content API for Shopping.

What should I do if my product didn’t pass verification for same-day delivery services?

Google verifies same-day delivery shipping services added by retailers, so make sure that the same-day delivery specifications entered (e.g. fee, radius, etc) match what is advertised on your site. Same-day delivery must be advertised or mentioned either on your product display page (PDP) or in the checkout flow.

How does same-day delivery badging or annotation work with curbside or in-store pickup?

Google will algorithmically decide the best badge or annotation to show the consumer with the goal of providing the best shopping experience.

How is same-day delivery different from same day shipping?

Same-day delivery refers to the service of a customer ordering and receiving a product on the same day while same-day shipping refers to shipping a product the day a customer places the order, but delivering the order 1 or more days after the order was placed.
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