Get your products started with Shopping on YouTube

YouTube offers great opportunities to showcase your own products, be discovered and allow YouTube audiences to check out on your website, or directly on YouTube via Buy on Google, depending on which program your feed is opted into. There are several ways to show your products on YouTube, depending on which programs you participate in. 

Get your products onto YouTube

Free listings feeds

Your products that show in free listings may be eligible to appear across shopping experiences on Google, including on YouTube. See where Google shows your free product listings on YouTube

  • The free listings checkout experience remains the same, where the product link will redirect the viewer to your site for purchase and checkout.
  • Free clicks are counted within free listings reporting in Merchant Center.
  • If you're not signed up for free listings, learn how here.

YouTube Shopping feeds

With YouTube Shopping, your products will show across your YouTube channel. Read more here to learn which surfaces

Learn how to manage your store on YouTube

Buy on Google listings feeds (US only)

With Buy on Google, instead of redirecting the viewer to your site, the viewer can purchase directly on your YouTube channel. You pay zero commission fees to Google and have other benefits. Your products will also then be purchasable with Buy on Google checkout across Google surfaces.

Learn about the benefits, eligibility and how to get started with Buy on Google

Manage your products on your YouTube channel

This feature is only available to eligible YouTube creators. Learn more about eligibility requirements

If you have your own YouTube channel, you might be eligible to manage your products on your YouTube channel via the product shelf and related shopping features.

Learn more about how to manage products on your YouTube channel

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