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How to fix: Inconsistent condition between your product data and your website

Your account has either been warned or suspended due to this error

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For one or more of your products, an inconsistency has been detected between the condition listed on your website (such as new, or used) and the condition listed in your product data.

You are required to provide accurate and up-to-date information regarding the condition of their products. You can choose from three supported values: new [new], used [used], and refurbished [refurbished].

  • New [new]: The product is new and has never been used. It's in its original packaging, which has not been opened.
  • Used [used]: The product is a second-hand product. For example, the product has been used before, the original packaging has been opened, or the original packaging is missing.
  • Refurbished [refurbished]: While the product isn’t new, it has been professionally restored to working order so that it appears new, and it comes with a warranty. The product might or might not be in its original packaging. This is sometimes referred to as "remanufactured".

If you advertise products of third-party manufacturers that are compatible with Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) products, review the additional guidelines for compatible or refurbished third-party products.


Step 1: Ensure that the condition for the product in your product data matches the condition for the product on your landing page

  1. Investigate your update process to see what could be causing the problem:
    • Check the warning email for examples of products that are affected. Look for a common problem in your product data that could cause the condition mismatch.
  2. Once you’ve addressed the problem, update the condition [condition] attribute in your product data to match your website.

Step 2: Resubmit your product data

After you’ve fixed the issue and updated your product data, resubmit it using one of these methods:

Step 3: Request a review

In some instances, if your account or one of your product offers is disapproved and you’ve either fixed the issue or you disagree with the issue, you can request a review. If the review is successful, your issue will disappear. If the disapproval remains and you’re uncertain with how to proceed, contact us for support.

Note: If you use a third-party platform to list your products, you may also be able to go to your third-party application to request a review.
If you’re working with a third-party platform, some of these instructions may not apply to you. Refer to your third-party platform for instructions on how to resolve the issue or complete the task. Learn how to find support if you use a non-Google platform.

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