Identify your store as a Black-owned business (US only)

Use the Black-owned business identity attribute in Merchant Center to tell customers about the identity of your business on the Shopping tab. 

Self-identification is optional, and is currently only available to retailers based in the United States.

How it works

If you select the Black-owned business attribute, users will see a small Black-owned business attribute [icon] icon signifying that your business identifies as Black-owned on your product description pages (PDP) on the Shopping tab.

Black-owned business attribute [Ad example]

In addition, if you opt into “include my business in promotions for Black-owned businesses,” your business and products may also be featured on Google pages featuring Black-owned businesses.

You’ll need to be eligible to show enhanced listings on the Shopping tab in order for the icon to show on your product description pages. There are a number of things you can do to be eligible for enhanced listings, including following the policies for free listings as well as those for Shopping ads. Eligibility is also based on your account status and the quality of the data you provide. Learn more about how to fix your eligibility status for enhanced listings


Step 1 Sign in to your Merchant Center account.

If you’re new to Merchant Center, learn how to create an account.

Step 2 Click the Tools and settings menu Merchant Center Settings [icon]  in the top right corner of Merchant Center.

Step 3 Navigate to the “Business information” page.

Black-owned Merchant Center UI steps 1-2 [UI Screens]

Step 4 On the “About your business” tab, scroll down to the “Business identity attributes” section.

Step 5 Click the toggle button next to “Identifies as Black-owned” to turn it on or off. 

Remember: When you toggle this business attribute on, you are publicly stating that your business is Black-owned.

​​​Black-owned business identity attributes steps 4-6 [UI screen]

Step 5 In addition, check the box next to “Include my business in promotions for Black-owned businesses” if you would like for your business and products to potentially appear on pages featuring Black-owned businesses. 

Note: If you don’t select this option, your business will still be identified as a Black-owned by Google.

You can toggle your business identity attributes, and opt in and out of promotions involving a business identity attribute, at any time. Keep in mind that it can take some time for any changes you make to be reflected on your product description pages on the Shopping tab.

Troubleshooting and availability

Only US-based retailers who have a Merchant Center account with a business country (you can confirm if your account has this by navigating to “Business information” and checking the “Business country” field) are currently able to use this feature. The feature will become available to all US-based retailers in coming months.

To get help adding a business country in your account settings:

Step 1 Open the Merchant Center contact form.

Step 2 In the “Tell us what you need help with” field, write “Change business country to US”.

Step 3 Click Next

Step 4 In the “Confirm issue” section, select “Other”.

Step 5 Scroll down, and click Next step

Step 5 Choose your contact option, and fill out your details.

Step 5 Click Submit

Reporting abuse

Google does not tolerate abuse or harassment of our retailer partners. If we detect that a retailer who has identified as Black-owned is receiving harassing user reviews or other mistreatment through Google’s platform as a result of their self-identification, our abuse teams will swiftly address the issue. 

You can report negative or abusive reviews that you believe you’ve received as a result of identifying your business as Black-owned. Google will investigate each report and strive to take appropriate action.

To report a store or product review, click the 3-dot menu in the top right corner of the review, and then click Report. Fill out the report and submit it. 

Use of data

Business identity attribute data will only be used for the purposes described in this article.

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