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How to fix: Inaccurate shipping costs (due to inconsistent shipping costs between your feed and the checkout pages on your website)

Your account has either been warned or suspended due to this error

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The shipping rates in your Merchant Center shipping settings or product data are lower than the shipping rates shown on your website during checkout.

Shipping costs are a major decision factor for online customers. If you provide shipping costs in Merchant Center that are lower than the costs provided on your website, a person is more likely to abort the checkout process, resulting in low conversion rates.

You should have received an email asking you to update your Merchant Center shipping rates by a certain date so that these values are consistent with those on your website.

You can specify shipping costs at the account level or at the product level. We recommend starting with a shipping setup for the whole account and then using product-level overrides when necessary.

Note: If provided, the shipping [shipping] attribute value will override the account-level shipping rate.

There are many shipping options that you can use to configure your shipping information. If these don't support your current shipping settings, you can slightly overestimate your shipping costs in your Merchant Center product data.


Step 1: Ensure that shipping rates in Merchant Center match those on your website

  1. Investigate your update process to see what could be causing the problem:
    • Check the warning email for examples of products that are affected. Look for a common problem in your product data that could cause these shipping cost mismatches.
    • Review the information you set up in the “Shipping services” tab on the “Shipping and returns” page, as well as the shipping [shipping] attribute rates.

Note: If provided, the shipping [shipping] attribute value will override the account level shipping rate.

  1. Once you’ve addressed the problem, update the information in the “Shipping services” tab or the shipping [shipping] attribute (if applicable) in your product data to match your website shipping costs. If you’re unable to provide exact shipping rates, you can slightly overestimate the costs provided in Merchant Center.

Step 2: Resubmit your product data

After you’ve fixed the issue and updated your product data, resubmit it using one of these methods:

Step 3: Request a review

In some instances, if your account or one of your product offers is disapproved and you’ve either fixed the issue or you disagree with the issue, you can request a review. If the review is successful, your issue will disappear. If the disapproval remains and you’re uncertain with how to proceed, contact us for support.

Note: If you use a third-party platform to list your products, you may also be able to go to your third-party application to request a review.
If you’re working with a third-party platform, some of these instructions may not apply to you. Refer to your third-party platform for instructions on how to resolve the issue and request a review. Learn how to find support if you use a non-Google platform.

Need More Help?

Check out this guided help article: I need help fixing my shipping information in Merchant Center.

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